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Online recognition TEST site of InftyReader

In this site, you can test ONLINE the recognition of mathematical documents by InftyReader.

    Please upload your image files : HERE(Sorry,the service is closed for maintenance. Please wait for a while.),
after having read the remarks below

1. How to get recognition results online?

  1. Click the link "HERE" above, you can go to the uploading site of page image files.
  2. Input your name and your e-mail address.
  3. Select the output file format you want to get.
  4. Then, you will get an e-mail in which written the URL of your recognition result file.
  5. Download your result file during 3 days after the upload, the result files will be erased from the server after the time limit automatically.
  6. We declare that we keep no image files and result files after 3 days time linmit anywhere.
  7. Currently supported file output formats are : LaTeX, MathML, HTML and HumanReadableTeX for visually handicapped people.

2. About the quality of acceptable image files.

  1. The maximum number of pages recognizable at one trial online is limited to 10.
  2. Only binary (black and white) images of clearly printed documents, scanned carefully in 600DPI or 400DPI , and saved in either TIFF(CCITT-3, CCITT-4, LZW), GIF or PNG format are acceptable.
  3. The source documents have to be clearly printed.
  4. Please avoid to upload following typles of image files, which may cause troubles on our system:
    - Images with noise on the periphery of pages or too many dot noise in teh text,
    - Images with skewd or rotation
    - Images of complicated layout structure, e.g., more than 3 columns, many figures or tables, separator lines etc.

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