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Articles on the accessibility of mathematical document
Authors Article Text
M.Suzuki, T.Kanahori, N.Ohtake, K.Yamaguchi An Integrated OCR Software for mathematical Documents and Its Output with Accessibility, Computers Helping people with Special Needs, 9th International Conference ICCHP2004, Paris, July 2004, Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences 3119, Springer (2004) pp.648-655 Text of this article.(PDF file 191KB)
M. Fujiyoshi,K. Yamaguchi, T. Ishida, H. Sawazaki, N. Ohtake and A. Fujiyoshi "The Development of Unified Japanese Braille Code Based on the Unicode," Proc. the International Council on English Braille, The Third General Assembly, Toronto (2004) pp.1-28 -
M.Fujiyoshi,A.Fujiyoshi Estimating Testing Time ExtensionRatios for Students with Disabilities from Item Cumulative Curves, New Developments in Psychometrics, Proceedings of the International Meeting of the Psychometric Society IMPS2001, pp. 265-272 Text of this article.(PDF file 90KB)
K. Yamaguchi, F. Kawane and H. Sawazaki "The New Procedure for Supporting the Higher Education of Science and Technology for Persons with Visual Impairment" Proc. The International Conference on the Higher Education for Students with Disabilities, Waseda Univ. (1993) -

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