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Articles on user interfaces for mathematical expressions
Authors Article Text
T.Kanahori, M.Fujimoto and M.Suzuki Authoring Tool for Mathematical Documents - Infty -, 3rd International Conference MKM2004, Bialowieja, Poland, 2004, Sept. Online Proceeding Text of this article.(PDF file 238KB)
T.Kanahori, M.Fujimoto, H.Nishimura and M.Suzuki Authoring System for Teaching Materials Including Interactive Contents of Mathematics, IEICE Technical Report ET2003-80 (2003-12) pp.117-122 (in Japanese) Text of this article.(PDF file 155KB)
T.Kanahori, K.Tabata, W.Cong, F.Tamari, M.Suzuki On-Line Recognition of Mathematical Expressions Using Automatic Rewriting Method. Advances in Multimodal Interfaces - ICMI2000, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1948, Springer (2000) 394-401 Text of this article.(PDF file 146KB)
H.Okamura, T.Kanahori, W.Cong, R.Fukuda, F.Tamari, M.Suzuki A Handwriting Interface for Computer Algebra Systems, Proceedings of the Fourth Asian Technology Conference on ematics, Guangzhou (1999) 291-300 Text of this article.(PDF file 107KB)

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