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Infty Project
Research Project on Mathematical Information Processing
Mathematical Document Recognition and Analysis, User Interface,Accessibility of Scientific Documents

1. Demo Movies of Infty Interfaces.

  • MathUI Demo - Handwriting Interface - includes 2 movies for demonstration of InftyEditor's handwriting interface on Math-UI workshop,3rd International Conference MKM, Bialowieja, Sept.2004.
  • MathUI Demo - Mathematical FEP - includes 2 movies for demonstration of InftyEditor's Math-FEP on Math-UI workshop, 2004, ibid..
  • MathUI Demo - InftyEditor's Input and Output - includes 5 movies for demonstration of InftyEditor's Input from LaTeX source and Output into LaTeX, HTML, MathML and UEBC (Unified English Braille Codes) on Math-UI workshop, 2004, ibid.
  • AsirPad is a computer algebra software with handwriting interface on PDA Zaurus.

2. Samples of Recognition Results by InftyReader

3. Online Recognition Test of InftyReader Ver.2.4.3d

  • You can test the recognition of YOUR math documents by InftyReader,ONLINE,.
    Click HERE

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